Information for the Posters


Board Size:        130 cm x 100 cm
Poster Size and Format: Landscape A0 (118.9 cm x 84.1 cm)

Each poster board has got a number. You will follow your personal poster board number from the website.

Materials to mount the posters will be available at the Poster Info Point onsite.

Some Remarks

  • Your poster should have a Title, Author(s) name, Affiliation (to be placed at the top of the poster area, the size of the head letters should be minimum 60).
  • Poster(s) should be readable at a distance of at least 1 meter.
  • Each poster will be joined to the poster evaluation
  • The posters must be in English.
  • Please structure your poster as follows:
    1. Title, Author(s), Affiliation
    2. Introduction
      Background information, the purpose of the study
    3. Results and Discussion
      An interpretation of the results and their significance
    4. Conclusions
      Acknowledgements and References

A QR code can be placed on the poster.

Poster Sessions

Posters are located on the First Floor of Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. The posters will be presented in two groups:

Poster Session 1
Set upMonday, July 309:00-14:00
Poster ViewingMonday, July 315:05-16:15
RemovalTuesday, July 410:00-11:00
Poster Session 2
Set upTuesday, July 411:00-14:00
Poster ViewingTuesday, July 415:05-16:15
RemovalWednesday, July 516:30-18:00

The organizers will remove and dispose of posters that are not removed at the scheduled time!

PBA 2023: Best Poster Award

For information on the Best Poster Award at PBA 2023, Ankara, Türkiye follow the link:

The Poster Awards is sponsored by