Salvatore Fanali

Talk Title: Nano-Liquid Chromatography: Recent Advances in Chiral Analysis,

Salvatore Fanali is a member of the Scientific Board of the PhD School in Nanoscience And Advanced Technologies at the University of Verona, Italy He was head of the “Capillary Electromigration and Chromatographic Methods” Unit at Institute of Chemical Methodologies-C.N.R., Monterotondo, Italy. His research focus on i) studies on molecular recognition (chiral and achiral interactions) applying capillary chromatographic and electromigration techniques; ii) development of new separation techniques (electromigration and chromatographic methods such as CZE, MEKC, CEC and nano-LC, respectively) and hyphenation with mass spectrometry (MS); iii) synthesis of new chiral stationary phases for CEC and nano-LC. Preparation of packed capillaries with different stationary phases; iv) preparation of monolithic columns and frits; v) method optimization for applications to drugs, peptides, enantiomers, herbicides, food, environment, biomedical and forensic compounds analysis. He published more than 350 papers in the above- mentioned fields. He obtained some international Awards, e.g., “Liberti” medal in Analytical Chemistry, “Nota” medal for the contribution given in the field of capillary liquid chromatography. In 2015 he was voted as one of “the Top 100 most influential people in the world of analytical science” (Analytical Scientists Power List). He is Editor of J. Chromatogr. A and Editor-in-Chief of J. Chromatogr. Open (Elsevier) and included in several Advisory editioral boards of Journals.