Marcello Locatelli

Talk Title: Emerging Challenges for Analytical Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis

The research activity is aimed at the development and validation of chromatographic methods for the qualitative and quantitative determination of biologically active molecules in human and animal, cosmetics, food, and environmental complex matrices. These procedures have been applied to different analytes and drugs/drug associations also finding application in clinical and pre-clinical studies, to characterize new delivery systemsof the active principle to improve their pharmacological properties. In the development of the method are applied predictive models and chemometric both for the optimization of extraction protocols and for final data processing. Particular attention is given to the innovative (micro)extraction techniquesand new instrumental configurations for complex matrix quantitative analysis. Scientific activity is proven by more than 212 publications in International peer-reviewed Journals, by 17 book chapters and 7 books, by more than 29 oral and 154 poster communications at National and International conferences.