Jean-Michel Kauffmann

Talk Title: Trends in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation

– Born in Arlon (Belgium) 30-04-1954.
– Pharmacist with PhD in pharmaceutical sciences (1983). 
-Professor (1991-2018), Head of the Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis and Bioelectrochemistry and of the Laboratory of Toxicology (2010-18), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
– Professor Emeritus (ULB) 2019 –
– Vice-Dean of Pharmaceutical Institute (ULB) (2003-2007)
– Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) – Brussels – Belgium (2007- 2011)
– Vice-Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy ULB (2011-2013)
– President of the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2000-2006)
– Member of the Flemish Science Foundation (FWO) Committee (1999-2005)
– Member of the Belgian National Science Foundation (FNRS) Committee (2006-2009)
– Member of the Academia Ibero-Americana de Farmacia, Sevilla – Spain, since 1997.
– Member of the National Academy of Pharmacy – Paris, France, since 2004.
– Member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine- Brussels, Belgium, since 2013.
– Doctor Honoris Causa from the Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy University of Cluj Napoca Romania (2004)

Topics of interest:

– Development and characterization of electrochemical (bio)sensors and electrochemical sensors for HPLC analysis of peptides and small molecules.
– Development of portable electrochemical sensors for trace metal analysis
– Study of the electrochemical behavior of pharmacologically active compounds as a mean for the early screening of drug metabolization (drug stability): CV, LC-EC-MS
– Development of miniaturized electrochemical sensors for on-site drug therapy monitoring
-Application of spectrometric methods (NIR-MIR) for the detection of fake drugs and drug compounds adulteration.


– Has published 180 papers, 23 chapters in books and has edited one book (Springer 2015) in the field of analytical chemistry with special emphasis on electroanalysis, biosensors and modified electrodes for the investigation of compounds of pharmaceutical interest.
– Is Editor in chief of Talanta, an international journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry, since 1995.
– Is currently a member of the Editorial board of:  Electroanalysis, Analytical Letters, Talanta, Farmacia (Romanian review)