Esen Bellur Atici

Talk Title: Synthesis, analysis, risk-knowledge-data-based process & impurity evaluation of drug substances

Esen BELLUR ATİCİ was born in 1980. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2002 with high honors by ranking as the top student in the Chemistry Department of Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Türkiye). During her undergraduate studies, she carried out research on the synthesis of cyanine dyes under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Engin Umut Akkaya, she worked in the R&D laboratories of Roche Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland) on the synthesis of biologically active (antidepressants) organic compounds (2001), and Bayer AG (Leverkusen, Germany) on the synthesis of organic and organometallic compounds (porphyrins) for data storage tools (2002). Starting in 2002, she carried out her Ph.D. studies as a scholar of DAAD and BASF-AG, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Peter Langer at the University of Greifswald, Germany. During her Ph.D. studies, she worked on the synthesis and reactions of 2-alkylidenetetrahydrofurans and 2-alkylidenepyrrolidines. After completing her Ph.D. in 2006, she started to work as a researcher responsible for the synthetic method development of novel polyurethanes used for the production of artificial leather. Since 2007, she is working on the development of the synthetic manufacturing processes and analytical methods of drug substances and currently leading the pharmaceutical research and development division at DEVA Holding in Türkiye. She became an Associate Professor in 2017 and her scientific interests are in the field of organic and medicinal chemistry (active pharmaceutical ingredients), and pharmaceutical analytical chemistry. She reviews scientific articles for international journals (reviewed > 75 articles), and funding project applications for national and international scientific & technological research support centers. She took part as an executive researcher and researcher in 33 government-funded projects, she has 53 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals, and 25 patents/patent applications. She is living in İstanbul, married, and mother of four children.

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