Chiara Fanali

Talk Title: Recent results in sample preparation employing deep eutectic solvents

Chiara Fanali, Ph.D., is full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Science and Technologies for Humans and the Environment (Research unit of Food science and nutrition), Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome (Italy). In 2008 she received her PhD degree in Biochemical Studies of Proteome at Catholic University of Rome (Italy). Since February 2010 she has carried out her research activity at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. Her research interests mainly concern the application of modern and innovative analytical techniques to the analysis and characterization of food bioactive compounds and peptides and proteins in biological fluids. Analytical techniques currently employed include: high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and nano-liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometers such as Ion Trap (IT), single quadrupole, high resolution Linear Ion trap-Orbitrap and time of flight (TOF). She is author or co-authors of papers in international journals and some book’s chapters and invited speaker at national and international symposia. She is an Editor (section of Analytical Chemistry) of “Open Chemistry Journal”- De Gruyter and serving in the editorial board of some international journals. On August 2022 in Scopus database there are 109 documents with 2710 citations and H-index of 31.