Barbara Bojko

Talk Title: Solid phase microextraction – new diagnostic tool in transplant surgery

Barbara Bojko studied laboratory medicine at the Medical University of Silesia (Poland), where she received her Master’s degree in 2001 and PhD degree in pharmaceutical sciences in 2005 with specialization in pharmaceutical biochemistry. The same year she became an Assistant Professor at the same university and in 2009 she joined Prof. Pawliszyn group at University of Waterloo (Canada), initially as a Postdoctoral Fellow and later as a Research Associate (2012-2015). In 2014, she completed her Habilitation (DSc) in the field of analytical chemistry at Medical University of Gdańsk (Poland) and became an Associate Professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University NCU (Poland), where she established her research group. She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Waterloo, Canada.

Dr. Bojko is an editorial board and the advisory board member of Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Separations, MethodsX. She is a member of the Scientific Board of the Centre of Excellence “Towards Personalized Medicine” at NCU.  She was one of the co-founders of Polish Metabolomics Society.  She is a member of Section of Chromatography and Related Techniques of the Committee of Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Her research focuses mainly on the introduction of new analytical solutions based on microextraction techniques and mass spectrometry to clinical diagnostics and research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Her particular interested is in low- and non-invasive tissue analysis in the field of oncology, transplantology, and translational medicine. This includes particularly the use of Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) for metabolomic and lipidomic analysis towards biomarkers discovery, spatial and temporal resolution analysis of organs in vivo, and sampling “on-site” in surgery and emergency room as a part of rapid diagnostic process. Dr. Bojko’s research team also works on application of uniform microextraction-based protocols at subsequent steps of drug discovery and development: from high throughput format compatible with routinely used 2D and 3D cell line culturing assays to minimum invasive in vivo samplings of laboratory animals.

Dr. Bojko is the author of over 120 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and 5 books chapters with a total of 3204 citations, her h-index is 34 (SCOPUS, 07/15/2022). Barbara Bojko is a PI of several research grants. She also received awards and distinctions for her scientific and organizational work, including those from the Minister of Health (2011, 2014), Rector of the Medical University of Silesia (2012, 2010, 2009, 2008), Medical University of Gdańsk (2014) and Nicolaus Copernicus University (2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2021) and a diploma from the Mayor of the City of Bydgoszcz (2016).