Antonio Salgado Serrano

Talk Title: NMR studies to investigate the (anomalous) complexation modes of daclatasvir with some cyclodextrins in CE runs

Antonio Salgado got his BSc and MSc in Organic Chemistry at the University of Barcelona (1987) and his PhD at the University of London (1993), also into Organic Chemistry. After few postdoctoral tenures in Spain and abroad, mostly dealing with organic synthesis and characterization of compounds within a drug discovery perspective, in 2006 he joined the Spanish Oncology Research Centre (CNIO), where he stayed until 2012, working as NMR scientist and being fully immersed into the NMR world. After a spell in the pharmaceutical industry, he was appointed NMR manager at the University of Alcalá (2015), where he has remained ever since. Apart from giving NMR support to fellow researchers, mainly in non-trivial structure elucidation issues, he has maintained scientific collaborations with other teams. One of his main research interest is the determination of the structure of the supramolecular aggregates (complexes) formed by analytes and chiral selectors to rationalize the outcome of enantiomer separations by capillary electrophoresis. He is author or co-author of +65 research papers. He is a reviewer and a member of the Advisory Editorial Board of the “Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis”. Occasionally, he also lectures about some uses and features of NMR in master courses in his home institution.